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Crystal Meth Facts

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth shards

Crystal meth shards

One of the most significant pieces of information to learn about crystal meth is that it kills. The drug is usually a processed, man-made chemical. One of the many aspects of crystal meth is meth. Users are likely to merge crystal meth along with other narcotics to experience a “better” and longer lasting outcome. Precisely what many people may not really know is that often these combinations could be deadly. Everything from paralysis to fatality might result from designing these drug blends.

Symptoms of crystal meth use

Some signs of use include things like rapid respiration, dilated (oversized) pupils, appetite loss, seemingly unlimited energy in addition to jaw clenching. Long term users can be violent along with suffer the pain of paranoia, hallucinations and perhaps brain harm.

The actual physical negative effects of crystal meth on the human body can be long-term. Anyone who has ever witnessed before and after images of crystal meth users has observed how easily the body deteriorates from crystal meth use.

Recovery and treatment

Crystal Meth Anonymous logo

Crystal Meth Anonymous

For someone who is ready to live a drug free life and turn their life around there are usually free support groups in their own community.  One organization that can help is Crystal Meth Anonymous.  Like  Alcoholics Anonymous they provide free, confidential support group meetings and other activities that can greatly help.  There are usually treatment centers or detox facilities in most larger communities, some are paid for by insurance companies.  Our hotline is answered 24/7 and our trained staff can help provide some guidance and possibly insight into your treatment options.  The call is free. (866) 214-7864

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